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Blueblood Man


A modern day Blueblood is someone with the desire to becoming the ultimate version of themselves, free-spirited and fearless. Individuals who awe inspire those around them, they dare to dream big and are trend setters not afraid to express themselves or stand up for what they believe in!


Skater Girl Wearing Blueblood Collection Clothes


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  • As a single mom at 17 life was really tough back then, I was raising my son without his dad and it was brutal trying to balance working to put food on the table, finishing my studies and nursing my child. I battled with low confidence and my mental health was really bad although at the time i didn’t realize it so much. But now looking back at my situation 10 years ago I am proud to say that my son growing into a gentleman and my accountancy firm is thriving… No matter how hard life is today you can always have a brighter future, just take it 1 day at a time and focus on positive living. x

    Jaime Lee

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