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Blueblood Collection 'Verse Challenge' Do You Have What It Takes?

Blueblood Collection Verse Challenge


Are you a talented rapper / song writer striving for your first record deal? Or a poet dreaming to get your lyrics published? Perhaps a seasoned artist wanting to share your talent and inspire our followers?

Why not share your verse about our brand, if you have what it takes we will publish your verse on our social media and send you a Free Gift from our latest collection of awesome street wear garments!

 Enter Now, write your verse in the comments section below, if we love it we may even share it with the record labels that we collaborate with. This could be your time, act now.

Don't forget to follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram to find out if your verse has been chosen, good luck!

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1 comment

  • “Always looking lit, a true Blueblood
    embracing change and growing smarter like a flower bud
    feeling proud and superior, could be a royal
    staunch to my brand, balanced and forever loyal
    fully focused an inspiring visionary of tomorrow
    hustling for gains but never cheat, steal or borrow
    announcing the rising of a unique new breed
    individuals with the courage to dream & tenacity to succeed
    we call them Blueblood’s”


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